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Lauren Fenech

Manager | Executive Search

Lauren currently serves as manager of executive search at W Talent Solutions. In her current role, she works closely with her client base to identify top talent who possess the exact criteria that her clients value most.

Lauren holds a Predictive Index psychometric tool certification, has conducted over 1,000 professional candidate interviews, and is proud to have placed multiple women into leadership positions. She works closely with clients in the manufacturing, hospitality, and food and beverage sectors. 

Lauren previously worked in employee benefits for five years, where she helped organizations streamline their benefit processes and create smoother onboarding for their employees.

Lauren obtained her bachelor’s degree in human resources from Grand Valley State University.

With a passion for people, Lauren enjoys connecting with other professionals throughout West Michigan through the Grand Rapids Chamber. She is proud to actively contribute to W Talent Solutions’ community impact efforts through volunteering with the YWCA. 

Outside of work, Lauren enjoys adventures with her family. She enjoys making memories through travel, cooking, music, arts and crafts, spending time outside, or catching a football game. Lauren is dedicated to having a positive mindset and enjoys inner ‘soul work’ through the practices of breathwork and meditation.

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