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Building Powerhouse Teams

Executive Search

When not just anyone will do. We believe that high-quality professionals attract high-quality professionals, and we’ve built a pipeline of passive talent waiting for a company and opportunity just like yours. Our skilled recruiters work one-on-one with your team to assess, engage and hire the perfect person for the job. We know good talent, and lead the process, from start to finish.



Our proprietary Smart Hire™ framework integrates predictive analytics at every step. Collaborating closely with your team, we identify the benchmarks to create the Smart Hire™ Job Profile.



Our approach ensures that each candidate we consider is evaluated against a comprehensive and customized set of criteria, aligning perfectly with your specific role and organizational needs.



Our thorough approach significantly reduces the risk of mis-hires. By ensuring a deep alignment between the candidate and the role, we enhance the likelihood of long-term success and retention.

Our Niche

Stop throwing darts in the dark with ineffective online platforms and big, impersonal recruiting conglomerates. W Talent Solutions provides hands-on service and bespoke solutions customized to your specific executive search needs. Each executive hire makes an impact — for the candidate, the client company, the industry, and the communities they live and work in. Because positive changes big and small require intentional hires.

Executive Positions Placed

At W Talent Solutions, our commitment to excellence in recruitment is reflected in our history of successful placements. Each successful candidate placement is not just a testament to our expertise but also to the enduring partnerships we build with our clients.


Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief People Officer
Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Chief Finance Officer
Chief Human Resources Officer


Vice President of Manufacturing
Vice President of Sales
Vice President of Supply Chain
Vice President of Human Resources
Director of Operations
General Manager
Director of Sales
Director of Finance
Director of Human Resources


Operations Manager
Plant Manager
Production Manager
Supply Chain Director
Distribution Center Manager
Inventory Manager
Regional Sales Manager
Territory Manager

“The W Talent Solutions team has the smartest and hardest working recruiters with which we have worked. They have been able to present to us outstanding candidates across several functional areas of our business.”

Chris Meader

General Manager, Worthen Industries

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