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Job Profiling That Measures What Matters

The Job Profile

At W Talent Solutions, the Smart Hire™ Job Profile is not just a blueprint for the ideal candidate; it’s a cornerstone of our sophisticated candidate assessment process. This approach ensures that each candidate we consider is evaluated against a comprehensive and customized set of criteria, aligning perfectly with your specific role and organizational needs.

Targeted Hiring

Our targeted hiring approach is revolutionized by the Smart Hire™ Job Profile, a cornerstone in our recruitment strategy that ensures precision and alignment in every placement we make.

Customized Role Blueprint

The Job Profile is more than just a job description; it’s a comprehensive blueprint tailored to each specific role within your organization.

Alignment with Business Goals

The Job Profile is crafted to align closely with your business goals, ensuring that each candidate we place is not only a fit for the role but also a strategic asset to your organization.

Cultural and Organizational Fit

We go beyond technical qualifications to ensure that candidates fit seamlessly into your organizational culture, fostering a productive and harmonious work environment.

How It Works

The process begins by identifying the hiring committee for the role. This committee typically consists of key stakeholders who have a vested interest in the successful hiring for the position.

Each member of the hiring committee plays a crucial role. They are required to take a brief, proprietary assessment that is focused on the specific role being filled. This assessment includes questions related to the role’s requirements, expectations, and the ideal candidate profile.

The assessment is designed to uncover the key motivators and behaviors necessary for success in the role. It helps in creating a comprehensive understanding of what the role demands in terms of skills, personality traits, and cultural fit.

Absolutely. After the benchmarking is complete, we convene a meeting with the hiring committee to discuss and gain alignment on the target benchmarks. This step ensures that there is a consensus on what the ideal candidate looks like, considering the insights from all committee members.

With the Job Profile established and agreed upon, our recruiting team begins the search for candidates. This profile guides our search and assessment, ensuring that we target candidates who not only meet the technical requirements of the role but also align with the established motivators and behaviors.

This thorough and collaborative approach ensures that the hiring process is aligned with the specific needs and expectations of the role. It leads to more accurate candidate targeting, reduces the risk of mis-hires, and increases the likelihood of long-term success for both the candidate and the organization.

Successful Placements

At W Talent Solutions, our commitment to excellence in recruitment is reflected in our history of successful placements. Each successful candidate placement is not just a testament to our expertise but also to the enduring partnerships we build with our clients.


Chief Executive Officer
Chief Operating Officer
Chief Information Officer
Chief People Officer
Vice President of Manufacturing
Vice President of Sales


Director of Operations
General Manager
Operations Manager
Plant Manager
Production Manager

Supply Chain

Vice President of Supply Chain
Supply Chain Director
Director of Global Procurement
Distribution Center Manager
Inventory Manager


Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Commercial Officer
Director of Sales
Regional Sales Manager
Territory Manager


Chief Finance Officer
Director of Finance
Director of FP&A
Accounting Manager

Human Resources

Chief Human Resources Officer
Vice President of Human Resources
Director of Human Resources
Director of Talent Acquisition
Human Resources Manager

“W Talent Solutions’ processes are thoughtful and professional, and they went the extra mile to understand our business needs. We look forward to working with them again in the future!”

Audrey Strieter

Head of Human Resources, Founders Brewing Company

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