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Current Trends in HR Hiring

What’s going in the HR hiring space? A lot!

by Tasia Allison

As an HR girl in the recruiting world, I seem to be having this conversation a lot: What’s going in the HR hiring space? A lot! In fact, I’ve had several sit-downs with amazing executives and HR professions who are befuddled at the current hiring climate. Let me share a few key trends we’re seeing in specifically, the hunt for Human Resources Professionals.

Shortage in production workforces has shifted the demand for a more strategic Human Resources function.

That’s a mouthful, but this one is key and has been the catalyst for the hiring shift in Human Resources. Small and mid-size companies, especially in manufacturing, are hurting for talent in general and now they need a strategic internal team with a plan to attract, engage, and retain talent. Unfortunately, many of those businesses in West Michigan have only ever known an HR team that is administrative-focused, and now they need more and need it fast. So, as a result, the search for more HR Directors with specific experience in the following: HR Strategy, Talent Acquisition Strategies, Engagement and Retention Strategies, KPI-based performance metrics (reduction in turnover, time to fill, and engagement scores). The lesson to learn here? Whether you’re an HR leader or a CEO, if you haven’t already, start shifting to a KPI-focused HR strategy.

Strategic is Queen, Payroll is still King.

This one is a little weird for us—right, wrong, or indifferent, it’s happening. CEOs, Owners, and Presidents love strategy, and they need it, but it’s not enough. The biggest request we see when hiring a “Strategic” HR Director? Payroll experience. The gut-checks we’ve had says this is more of a fear-based reaction. COVID caused a lot of unknowns and HR operations went a little sideways, they still feel like they need a leader who can do the day-to-day when needed. This causes quite the challenge in the talent marketplace. We’ve found there are amazing strategic HR leaders and amazing administrative HR leaders, but the talent pool of combined skills is fey and far between. The lesson to learn here? We think strategy should be King! If this is a concern, have your new HR leader learn to run payroll; great talent won’t have any issue learning a new skill and this shouldn’t hold them back either.

Talent Development Comeback

Talent Development, Training, and Organizational Development roles are all back on the rise. When businesses shut down and scaled back, these were the first roles trimmed and we’re quickly seeing organizations add them back. These are usually the key partners behind engagement and retention strategies. The best lesson to learn here? Get ’em and keep ’em.

Executive Search Partners on the Rise

A trend we couldn’t love more! While we always see the push of more for less (ie cheaper for better talent), CEOs are realizing what got them here, won’t get them where they are going. They can’t rely on their existing tools to get them next-level talent and they don’t have the time to sift through hundreds of resumes and phone calls. More than ever, we’re doing all the blocking and tackling for executive teams; while it’s worth their time, it’s far more worth their investment in the right recruiting partner. Our goal isn’t to send more resumes and more interviews, it’s actually less—but they are the right few, saving precious time and resources. The lesson here? Save yourself time and money by working with a recruiting firm, this is our wheelhouse, we’d be happy to keep things way simpler and your life easier.

Did we miss a trend? We’d love your thoughts! What do you see happening in the HR hiring space?

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