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5 Ways to Increase Employee Happiness

How to Create a Culture That Promotes Happiness and Success.

by Nicole Degi

An employee’s well-being is pivotal to an employee’s success but is it solely the manager’s responsibility to make them happy? No, but it is their responsibility to cultivate a culture that promotes success and happiness in the workplace. Happiness directly reflects the success of the business. If an employee is happy, they typically are more productive and engaged in the overall success of the business. 

So how do we create a culture of happiness? 

  1. Listen to your employees and let them know they are valued.
    People want to know that they are doing a good job and people want to be heard. If an employee is knocking it out of the park, let them know! As we know, positive reinforcement can go along way. Additionally, if an employee has a concern or idea to implement change then give them the opportunity to communicate with you and listen to them when they are talking. 
  2. Be available for your team.
    If your team needs you, be there for them. This doesn’t mean you cannot take time off and must be present 24/7, this just means that you need to be available for your employees when they need you. Whether this is through a weekly one-on-one or having shared calendars where your employees can schedule meetings at any time to chat or having the understanding that your employee can call, text, or pop into your office at any time. It may not look the same for every leader but being available is important.
  3. Provide opportunities for your employees to grow.
    Create succession plans for your employees, give them new projects to work on, and provide challenges. Employees who are engaged in the company want to make a difference both professionally and personally, they typically want the opportunity to grow within an organization. No one likes to feel like they are stuck and there is no room for them to advance or be challenged. As an executive recruiter, one thing I hear from candidates who are open to new opportunities is they are bored in their current role and are looking for new challenges that they do not feel they have in their current company.
  4. Teamwork and collaboration.
    One of the biggest things employees are looking for in a company culture is a collaborative work environment. Provide opportunities for your employees to work together and have discussions.
  5. Positivity and transparency.
    Stay positive! Everything under the sun could be going wrong for you that day whether it is in your personal or professional life but let’s be honest employees do not want to feel the stress and negativity from you as a leader so stay positive. 

These five tips just scratched the surface of how you can create an environment of happiness in your organization. One important thing to remember is that employees are not just employees they are people outside of work too and when your employees feel successful, fulfilled and happy both at work and at home, your employees will help drive the business forward.

If you’d like to level up your company’s culture and talent strategy, we can help. Reach out to one of our talent advisors today!

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