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How to Hire Someone Who Handles Problems Like You

Making Sure You Hire the Right Person

by Nicole Degi

We know that having people problems in an organization cause business problem so how do we solve that? How do we make sure that we are hiring the right people and the people who can attack problems or situations like we do?

It is important to make sure everyone is on the same page and understands the goals and objectives of the business so that if any situation arises, we all have a clear understanding on how to create a solution for that issue. Ensuring that the team has a clear vision and strategy for the organization will be key for when it comes to hiring. Establishing a hiring process and making sure that everyone involved in this process has alignment is going to make sure you are hiring people who will attack situations that are best for the business.

Below are a few tips that we suggest implementing into your interview process for hiring the right person. 

  1. Understand how the candidates’ aspirations fit into the position and company. How do you see the job growing in the next few years? Does it align with the candidate’s career ambitions and goals?
  2. Vet them properly. Understand the exact criteria you are looking for and do references.
  3. Make sure candidates are spending time with your team. We have found that sometimes the standard interview process is not enough to make sure the candidate is the right fit or that the candidate will react and adapt to situations the way that you would. So having them spend time with other people on the team helps uncover if they are a culture fit.
  4. Use an evidence-based talent optimization software like Predictive Index. This will ensure that you are finding the right candidate who does not just have the requirements on their resume for the role but are wired behaviorally for the role. The person who is not just going to show up but is going to strive in the position. 
  5. Pay close attention to the questions they ask. Did they come prepared with situational questions that relate to the role? Did they do research beforehand?
  6. It would be ideal if you could work with them prior to hiring them, wouldn’t it? Why not schedule a “working interview” something a little more hands-on to get more of an understanding of how they operate?
  7. Prioritize culture fit. Does your company have its culture defined? Do you know what you are looking for in a candidate and if so, does it resonate with the candidate? 
  8. Think to yourself; Could I work for this person if the roles were reversed? 
  9. Be clear about expectations. Let them know what to expect in the first 30, 60, 90 days. 
  10. Ask situational questions in the interview process and let them know about any obstacles they may have to overcome and ask questions like how would you work through this? Does their response align with how you would oversee obstacles?

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