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My Life as a Persuader

Mountains Into Molehills

by Krystal Melton

“The view from up there will be so much better!” I said as I pointed to the peak of Mount Evans, a 14,264-foot summit located near Denver, Colorado. We had originally driven to a scenic stopping point at Echo Lake and I was convinced that it would be just a few-minute hike before reaching the peak. My husband hesitated at first but then agreed that the view would be better. Off we went!

An hour into the “few-minute hike,” we paused to catch our breath and rehydrate as we were feeling dizzy from the altitude adjustment. Another set of hikers was descending and I asked, “How is the view from up there?” They responded enthusiastically that it was beautiful, but that the peak was much further than they thought. They said we would need to hustle to make it to the top before sunset. That was my cue to pick up the pace! 

After another 45 minutes of nearly climbing on hands and knees, the sun was setting and we were beginning to realize that it would take another several hours if we wanted to make it to the peak. Just when we were about to turn back, we came over some boulders and realized that we had reached a false peak! Though it was not the “top,” the view took your breath away. There were lakes and landscapes that would have never been viewed from the average scenic drive. 

After taking the Predictive Index behavioral assessment a few months after this trip, it occurred to me exactly how my strengths and weaknesses played into that hike. With the profile type of a Persuader, I have an air of confidence and enthusiasm that is contagious. My social nature attracts those around me and I am quick to connect because of my low patience and formality. I love adventure and enjoy it when I get to help others experience new heights. In every avenue of my life, personally and professionally, people tend to follow where I go, even though I do not always have a well-thought-out plan.  

Many people relate to the idiom of making “mountains out of molehills,” tending to over-exaggerate or make a bigger deal out of a minor issue. As a Persuader, I tend to make molehills out of mountains. I see a challenge and default to finding a way to overcome it, to the extent that others around me begin to have a converted belief that it is possible! 

This optimistic, motivational view on life has been incredibly influential in my decade of military service and my turn-the-ship-around attitude within non-profit. The downside is that I can tend to go from adventure to adventure, forgetting to slow down and enjoy the view. Knowing that about myself, I realize that I need to surround myself with people that will help me create a realistic plan and hold me accountable to following through. In the case of the hike, my husband said, “Next time, let’s leave earlier in the day, pack more water and give ourselves the time to make it to the true peak!”

Making the transition to W Talent Solutions has been an exciting new “mountain.” As I am learning the culture and gaining new skill sets, I am making my way up the slope. I am surrounded by other colleagues who are self-aware of their strengths and motivators, and willing to come alongside me and help me reach the peak. The view is always better when you have others with you!  

As a Persuader, it seems only natural that I would encourage you to take the Predictive Index assessment if you have not already! I think you’ll be surprised by how such a quick assessment can tell you so much about yourself personally and professionally. It can help you look back and identify trends from the past, but even more importantly, knowing your profile type can help set up to enjoy the view from newly reached peaks!

Curious about which Predictive Index type you are? Take the behavioral assessment here!

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