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Captain of the Seas

“I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to reach my destination.”

by Emily Boerckel

My grandfather was an avid fisherman and a great one at that. I never had much interest in fishing until my teenage years when my grandfather took me out on my first deep-sea fishing adventure in the Gulf of Mexico. This is where I first gained an appreciation for high-sea fishing and the thrill of the catch. 

When I started at Hire for Hope, now W Talent Solutions, I was introduced to Predictive Index as part of my recruiting process. My behavioral assessment results revealed that I am a Captain. A Captain is defined as a problem solver who likes change and innovation while controlling the big picture. 

The results of my assessment immediately made me think of my grandfather who was a true captain of the seas. One thing that made my grandfather a great fisherman was his ability to problem-solve and innovate to find solutions to the many fishing blunders that can happen when at the mercy of natural forces. He was never daunted by failure. If one fishing spot was not producing a good catch, we would move to the next. If the bait we were using wasn’t attracting the fish we wanted by size or variety, we would try another. If the boat needed repair, he would fix it. If the weather was rough, we would change course. He was innovative in his solutions and always willing to try a new approach to produce the best results. 

Perseverance and outside-of-the-box thinking are two characteristics my grandfather instilled in me. These qualities have stuck with me over the years and apply to far more than deep-sea fishing. I find myself implementing many of the concepts he taught me within my day-to-day life in executive recruiting. 

As a Captain, I drive change, am people-oriented, results-driven and have a need for flexibility in my work. I am proactive, quick to connect with others, and comfortable taking risks. All of these can be incredibly helpful in my role as an Executive Recruiter. I do need to work quickly and diligently to find and attract the best talent for our clients, but being a Captain also comes with cautions. I can come off as direct and to-the-point as I desire quick results. The Predictive Index has allowed me the insight to know this about myself so I can now be more self-aware. 

I love being on a team where others are aware of their natural behavioral styles. We share our profiles with each other and can even compare them to help us learn and grow from our natural strengths and areas of awareness. I am grateful to be on a team that encourages each other to perform at our best! If you are interested in learning more about your Predictive Index type, take the assessment here.

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