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An Honest Recruiter’s Holiday Wishlist

8 Things Recruiters Actually Want for Christmas

by W Talent Solutions

Candles, socks, sweaters and pretty wine glasses are nice, but recruiting top talent around the clock takes a little bit more than soft clothes and a good ambiance. If we’re being honest about our holiday wishlist, it would look a little more like this. 

1. Magical automatic phone interview notes

Having so many phone interviews in a day means so many notes to take. We want to remember all the details of that time our candidate saw a problem in a past company and brought a solution that revolutionized the way their team worked, we just would love those notes to magically appear on our computer.

2. An in-office masseuse

The feverish note-taking, texting, typing, and hours of sourcing take their toll. We’d like to propose a new open role to recruit for — a staff masseuse to keep us going all year.

3. More hours in a day

What!? How is it time for bed already!? With so many amazing opportunities we have to spread to the talent of the world, we could use just a few more hours each day to change lives.

4. A coffee-dispensing helmet

We won’t lie about our borderline unhealthy love of caffeine. That peppy 7:30 a.m. (or 7:30 p.m.) phone call usually doesn’t happen without a cup of joe (or two) beforehand. We’d like to make our coffee habit even more convenient for ourselves. Kind of like those beer-dispensing hats that went viral a few years back, we’d like to springboard off of that idea, just replace beer with some iced coffee.

5. New headphones

Seriously — why are these always breaking or getting lost!? Maybe it’s because we use our offices, our homes, our cars, our local coffee shops and even the grocery store as our personal work stations, but regardless, these are in high demand in our lives. With phone calls and video calls around the clock, we could always use a new pair of headphones.

6. Feedback

We put our hearts and souls into our searches. We’ve reviewed thousands, vetted hundreds and found a few of the most talented, perfect candidates for our client’s open role. Now, we want all the feedback – tell us everything!

7. Unicorn candidates

Some searches are easier than others, and we’re always looking for our unicorn candidates. This holiday, we’d like maybe just a couple of them delivered right to our door!

8. A self-filling champagne glass & a lifetime supply of Veuve

OK, sometimes we like to have a little fun. Finding the perfect candidate for our client’s most critical roles requires a celebration! A champagne glass that fills itself and a lifetime supply of Veuve sounds like the perfect setup for all the roles we’ll close in the coming year!

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