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The Top 10 Reasons to Work with W Talent Solutions

Thinking of Working With An Executive Search Firm? Here Are the Top 10 Reasons to Choose W Talent Solutions

by Nicole Degi
Are you considering working with an executive search firm and exploring options? Here are the top 10 reasons to work with W Talent Solutions.

1. Evidence-Based Selection Process

Here at W Talent Solutions, we use multiple data points that allow us to assess, engage and hire your ideal candidate. We utilize a talent optimization software, Predictive Index, that ensures we are finding the candidate that does not just have the skills to do the job but also the hardwiring for the role. We aspire to find you the candidate who will not just show up on day one but the candidate who will thrive in this position for years to come. We include the compensatory scorecard. What you put on the scorecard is entirely up to you, but it must mimic the job description. This is another data point to ensure the candidate you are hiring is the best fit for the role. The scorecard will align your hiring team to all be on the same page with what you are looking for in a candidate which makes for faster hiring decisions and ensure you are hiring the right candidate.

2. Head, Heart & Briefcase

We have married Mike Zani from Predictive Index’s philosophy to come up with our adaptation of the evidence-based selection process. We measure three things:

Head: This is a candidate’s cognitive ability, skills tests, IQ, education, and certifications. We use a consistent process & create a rubric and benchmark for each qualification to ensure that it is measurable. 

Heart: The heart measures behavioral traits such as personality and how you fit into a culture. It’s important that you have some groundwork to go off here with a clearly defined definition of culture and competencies within your organization and that they are clearly listed on your job description.

Briefcase: This is a candidate’s experiences & skills. 

3. Culture First

We take a deep understanding of your organization’s culture so that we can make the best match for their new hire & what type of impact they will have on the organization. We base this on the alignments, values & believes of what you are looking for when assessing candidates. Everything from how employees communicate to how they act to what motivates them are things we asses. Tools like the Predictive Index that we utilize help us identify these key behavioral factors in potential candidates to see if they are fit to the role.   

4. Mission-Driven Business

What’s the “Hope” behind W Talent Solutions you ask? We are a mission-driven business that donates 10% of our profit to help individuals escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives. A few reasons to partner with a mission-driven business: 

• This sends a message to your employees that matters. 

• Your dollar can have a bigger impact. If you are choosing between who to use as your recruiting firm by choosing W Talent Solutions you will be doing more for the same amount by fulfilling your hiring needs and giving back.

• You are impacting lives and making a difference in your local community.

5. Efficient & Cost-Effective

We meet with you to understand the needs and demands of the job and develop a candidate profile for exactly what you are looking for which will save you time and money by taking the guesswork out of the hiring process. We do our due diligence beforehand to ensure that we have a deep understanding of who you want on your team which will result in a faster hiring process. We have an extensive candidate pool of prescreened applicants already in our pipeline that will save your hiring manager &/or HR team time & resources on souring and vetting out candidates. We also walk the candidate through the entire process from coordinating interviews, background checks, offers to their first day on their new job. 

6. Alignment of Your People Strategy with Your Business Strategy

You’ve heard this before and it’s true- people are your biggest asset, so hiring correctly is crucial. We take the time to understand exactly what your business strategy is to align the people within your organization to this strategy this will allow for a more collaborative & engaged culture & a more productive workforce. 

7. Women-Owned Business

We are a certified women-owned business by the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council. 

8. Quality over Quantity

We do an in-depth job order intake prior to starting our sourcing process. We want to know the in’s & outs of your business; the role you are filling & again the culture this will allow us to know that when prescreening a candidate if they are a good fit so when we send over candidates for you to review you are getting top talent that meets your expectations rather than a ton of resumes to look through that do not meet your expectations. 

9. Objective Hiring

By working with W Talent Solutions we take the bias out of the hiring process, which can cause major issues especially if there are internal candidates. We provide an unbiased perspective to make sure that candidates are selected based on their achievements and skills rather than who they know. 

10. A New Outlook & Fresh Perspective

Here at W Talent Solutions we can open your eyes to things you should be looking for in a candidate and how hiring the right person can take your organization to the next level.

Looking to grow your team? We’d love to partner with you!

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