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Employee Appreciation Ideas

Simple Ways to Show Your Employees the Appreciation They Deserve

by Ashley Ward

Cultivating a culture of appreciation is vital to the success of an organiation. Most employees spend 40+ hours a week devoted to the success of an organization. A little appreciation can go a long way.

Here are some ideas to show your gratitude to your staff.

1. Celebrate small holidays at the office.

Whether you decide to go all out with your office attire policy for National Pajama Day or bring frozen treats on National Ice Cream Day, celebrating these fun days of national recognition with your staff shows you value them. They also bring a lot of fun to ordinary weeks at the office.

2. Recognize employee anniversaries.

A great way to appreciate your employees is recognizing the time they’ve spent contributing to your company! Celebrate every year they’re with you!

3. Give your employees lots of swag.

Coffee mugs, zip ups, sweatshirts — you name it! Put your logo on it and pass it out to your employees. Your team will love their company-themed swag.

4. Bring in some fun.

Whether it’s a masseuse on site or a mariachi band to serenade your staff over lunch, a little bit of fun makes for a lot of feelings of appreciation.

5. Create mentoring programs.

Providing opportunities for senior staff to mentor junior staff will be incredibly beneficial to both sides and help your employees stay connected. Show your appreciation by creating opportunities for connection that will last a lifetime.

6. Constantly facilitate conversations about life and career goals, and support their growth within your company.

A great way to appreciate your employees is to appreciate their dreams. Have they expressed a desire to get healthier? Maybe you could implement a water drinking challenge in the office or with your team! Have they expressed a desire to grow in their career? Help them map out their advancement opportunities within your company.

7. Don’t sweat the small stuff.

A little trust goes a long way, and not worrying about an employee who shows up a few minutes late or needs to leave early for an appointment fosters a culture of respect and appreciation.

8. Actively keep them a part of decision-making.

Have group discussions around your yearly planning. Find out what your employees want the company goals to be. Get their input for your company philanthropic endeavors.

9. Celebrate birthdays!

A gift, a card, some flowers, some balloons, a free day off! Whatever you want to do, be sure to recognize and celebrate each birthday on your team.

10. Bring in the bagels.

Treat your staff to a breakfast or lunch! It will be a chance for your team to take a break, enjoy each other’s company and enjoy some delicious grub.

11. Cover the logistics.

As much as you’re able, be sure to ease the financial burden of commuting to your office. Maybe that means guaranteeing paid for parking spots at the nearest location to your office. Maybe it’s offering a public transportation stipend. Maybe it’s offering an extra financial incentive for walking to work. Whatever it may be, get involved with how your employees are getting there every day.

12. Recognize good performance.

It’s simple, but so incredibly important! Tell your team when they’ve done a a great job or gone above and beyond. Don’t assume your employee knows they just put on an amazing presentation, or that you’re impressed with their sales this month.

13. Announce promotions on social media.

Everyone loves to be bragged about, so a special splash on social media to announce a promotion within your company goes a long way in making your employee feel appreciated.

14. Host a company party every year.

Whether you want to celebrate the holidays or celebrate another fantastic year for a startup or both, finding some time to celebrate

15. Give them some great spaces to gather or relax in your office.

Create a “zen den” for employees to enjoy some quiet time, meditate or take a 5-minute nap. Also be sure to create seating areas outside of a desk for staff to gather or shake up their work environment. Make sure conference rooms are aesthetically pleasing and please, make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are clean!

16. Thank them often.

Keep a stack of thank you cards in your desk and use them. Thank your employee who went above and beyond to pull off your last company event, or quiety thank your employee who has shown up every day despite having a tough week.

17. Create a flexible environment.

Let your employees know that it’s okay to take a vacation, or a random day off just to take care of themselves. If they’re able to work remotely, let them when they feel the need to. Trust your employees to do what is best for them.

18. Happy Hours

Booze or no booze, it always feels great to cut the day 30 minutes short and enjoy a beverage together.

19. Let them bring their furry friends to the office.

Nothing says, “I appreciate you!” like inviting their best friend into work with them!

20. Celebrate employee appreciation day.

This one may be the most glaring employee appreciation example, but one to note nonetheless. Plan something special for this day and take the opportunity to reflect on your employee appreciation throughout the year.

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