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Meet W Talent Solutions

Hire for Hope has completed a major rebranding and is now W Talent Solutions. After thorough market research and analyzing industry trends, Ashley Ward, Founder & CEO, recognized the need to rebrand in order to update our image to reflect the organization’s elevated service offerings, increase visibility in the marketplace and create a stronger connection with our target audience. 

“Our goal is to reestablish ourselves as the leaders in executive search, refocus on our exclusive service offerings and create a more unified brand message while doing so. By being so community- and mission-focused through our unique story and philanthropic efforts, our previous branding oftentimes was mistaken as a nonprofit, which is not the case,” explained Ward. 

Through W Talent Solutions, Ward plans to continue giving ten percent of profits to organizations in the community that support women and children, maintaining the organization’s primary partnership with the YWCA. “Giving as a team – whether that be time or treasure – has become a common thread woven throughout the company’s culture. Maintaining that mission at the forefront of everything we do is extremely important to our business,” said Ward. 

The “W” in W Talent Solutions represents the first initial in “Ward” and the “Why” behind the primary goals of the organization. “My team and I work relentlessly and passionately toward our deeper ‘Why,’ which is helping company leaders uncover and hire the best talent to get them to the next level,” said Ward. The “Why” also represents the business’ original mission to make a bigger impact on the community through non-profit partnerships. 

“Hire For Hope represented a monumental moment for me to take my life into my own hands, to blaze a new trail for myself that I never thought possible when I was in the midst of my life’s earlier adversities,” said Ward. “During those dark times, I felt moments of hopelessness. Hire For Hope was created out of light, in hopes to make the same impact in the lives of others that a handful of select nonprofits were kind enough to give to me. Domestic violence and trauma claimed my life for many years, but creating Hire For Hope was my way of claiming my voice back. The mission behind Hire For Hope will still be a major part of our culture at W Talent Solutions, with deep roots in our original foundation. We are carrying the torch and changing lives for years to come.”

With the name change and rebrand in place, Ward has her sights set on national expansion through W Talent Solutions’ elevated offerings, creating 20 new jobs in West Michigan in the next three years. “We are now well-positioned to further expand into new markets throughout the U.S.” said Ward. “We have a robust strategy to do so throughout the coming years.”

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