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W Talent Solutions Announces Expansion Into Detroit

W Talent Solutions, a recruiting and talent strategy firm, has launched their expansion efforts into Detroit with a satellite office in downtown Detroit. 

“The decision to expand into Detroit was fueled by our deep commitment to better serve our client base across Michigan,” said Ashley Ward, Founder and CEO of W Talent Solutions. 

As the firm continued to grow since its inception in 2017, Ward recognized the immense potential Detroit holds. Its thriving business environment, rich talent pool and spirit of innovation were compelling factors that led to the decision to open a satellite office on the east side of Michigan. W Talent Solutions is leasing the office space from PR firm Lambert, who has been a long-term Detroit resident. 

“We are delighted to welcome the W Talent Solutions team to our Detroit office!” said Kimberly Hoyle, Managing Partner of Lambert. “Their elite talent recruiting expertise is unparalleled and will position them as a significant contributor to the competitive talent acquisition market in Detroit. We look forward to supporting them in their growth here!”

As part of its mission, W Talent Solutions focuses its philanthropic efforts on the YWCA in Grand Rapids and plans to do so with the Detroit branch as well. 

“Community involvement is a core part of our identity. Just as we’ve done in Grand Rapids, where we partner with the YWCA domestic violence agency, we’re excited to extend our philanthropic efforts to the YWCA Detroit. Our involvement will go beyond financial support – we’re committed to volunteering as a team, building stronger connections, and making a positive impact in the lives of those in need.”

Ward is eager to become a part of the fabric of the city and partake in Detroit’s rich history and energy. 

“What truly excites us about doing business in Detroit is the city’s incredible resilience and spirit of innovation. Detroit has a history of overcoming challenges and emerging stronger, much like my personal story of overcoming adversity. W Talent Solutions aims to bring our proven expertise in executive recruiting and talent strategy to Detroit. We want to be a part of the city’s growth story by connecting top-notch talent with exceptional companies. Our goal is to contribute to Detroit’s economic landscape, partnering with local businesses to help them thrive by finding the right people to drive their success.”


About W Talent Solutions: W Talent Solutions is an elite recruiting and talent strategy team providing top candidates in vital, high-level roles across industries. Since 2017, W Talent Solutions’ recruiters and analysts have combined hands-on experience with real-world data to offer tailored recruiting and strategy solutions for leading positions in competitive industries.

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