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Our 2023 New Year’s Resolutions

Here is What Our Team Members Have on Their Goals List for 2023

by W Talent Solutions

At W Talent Solutions, we thrive on constantly asking ourselves how we can innovate and make something even better. It’s only natural that the turn of the new year means a lot of goal-setting, both personal and professional, for our team members. Here are some of the things our team members are committed to in 2023.

Writing down goals and tracking them!

The best way to achieve a goal is to write them down. This year, we’re trying to write down our individual goals and monitor our progress.

Increasing connections and building a stronger network in the community.

We love our community, and all our team wants is more of it! 2023 will be the year for even more connections throughout West Michigan.

Creating and sticking to a morning routine.

The secret to having the best day every day, some of our team members are vowing to create time every morning for a morning routine — whether it’s a work from home day or an in-office day.

Limiting distractions during the workday.

Greater focus and greater results are sure to follow once we ensure a distraction-free environment for ourselves.

Reading more related to professional growth and development.

Fiction is fantastic, but this year, our team wants to read more books that inspire us to know more, be better and do better.

Finding a better work-life balance and being more intentional about scheduling vacations. 

What can we say? We love what we do! In this coming year, we want to be more mindful to strike a better balance and close the computer at a reasonable hour and schedule some fun vacations and stick to them.

Springboarding off of the growth and success that 2022 brought.

2022 was so good to us, and our team wants to use their success this past year as the foundation for 2023, reaching to even greater heights.

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