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8 Morning Routine Ideas to Start Your Day Right

Morning Routines to Get the Perfect Start to Your Day, Every Day

by Nicole Degi

The way you start your day every morning has an impact on your entire day. Whether you already have a morning routine or just go with the flow every morning, it could have an impact on your productivity for the day. I have learned that taking some time the night before to plan out your day can help with that overwhelming feeling of getting everything done!

Here are my favorite morning routines that never fail to get me started each day on the right foot:

1. Plan your day and start with the most important tasks of the day. This will give you a sense of accomplishment throughout the day and kick-start productivity!

2. Be thankful. This can look different for everyone! What works well for me every morning is to send a text to a friend, one thing that I am grateful for that day. By sending it to each other and having a buddy it holds us both accountable to start our day off positively and thankful!

3. Set the alarm five minutes earlier than normal and do something you enjoy in the morning, whether it is cleaning up from last night, sipping coffee before the hustle and bustle of getting kids off to school, day care, etc., journaling or reading take that extra few minutes to prioritize something you enjoy in the morning.

4. Make your bed. I know this may sound like a tedious task in the morning when you are spinning a lot of plates at once, but studies show that when you start your day with a tidy and organized space it can increase productivity, boost your mood, and offer a sense of accomplishment to start the day.

5. Eat a well-balanced breakfast. It is important to fuel your body before tackling the day.

6. Learn to say no! This is something that has taken me a long time to learn but you can’t do it all and if you try to you may burn out so learn to say no if someone asks you to do something that will not fit in with your schedule!

7. Put tasks on a to-do list or calendar. I have learned that I get a sense of accomplishment if I check things off a list, so I physically write down things I need to get done in the day and cross them off! Something about checking things off a list feels so good.

8. Take breaks! Even if it is 5 minutes in the day it is important to prioritize a rest period throughout the day and be proud of yourself in that rest period for everything that you accomplished.

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