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What is the Strategy Assessment?

Why The Strategy Assessment is Critical For Your Business

by Ashley Ward

Companies now, more than ever, must be aligned on strategic priorities going into the coming calendar year. With strategic planning sessions around the corner, there is no room for error. Leadership teams must be aligned on the objectives, priorities, and goals to drive companies into the future – But that is only step one. The second hurdle that many companies miss the mark on, is identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the leadership team to see if they are aligned to accomplish the strategy in the first place.

At many organizations, strategic priorities are accomplished through its people. Think about a game of chess. You have a variety of pieces in a standard set, from the king down to the pawn. Each piece serves a purpose and has a role to play. Each has its own unique ability. The organizations who understand how to identify those unique abilities in their employees and synchronize the strengths of individuals at each level in the organization are the ones who are set apart from the competition. These are the organizations that win. Are you utilizing the abilities of each piece to its fullest potential? The Strategy Assessment will help you answer that question.

Being a quality leader of a company is far from an easy task. There is constant pressure to create a good work environment, make sure tasks are achieved and that employees are happy. During these ever-changing times, it has been harder than ever to keep businesses on track. But despite these challenges, it is your job to make sure your team is performing at their best ability. If you’re wondering how to do this, we have a solution for you: The Strategy Assessment by the Predictive Index.

What is the Strategy Assessment?

The Strategy Assessment is designed to bring back the excitement and inspire your team to achieve their goals. This is the only assessment that can evaluate any team’s strategic goals and its collective identity. Once evaluating the team, your team will be better aligned to achieve strategic goals with confidence.

What the Strategy Assessment provides your team the ability to:

  • Uncover the team’s strategic misalignment
  • Discover what is holding your team back from reaching their full potential
  • Identify each person’s leadership style and how each one differs
  • Discover how well your team’s strengths align with the work to be done
  • Reveal executives’ perceptions, agreement, and confidence in their business strategy
  • Uncover gaps so you can make a strategic plan going forward

How does the Assessment work?

The assessment takes place as a half-day Execute Strategy with Confidence workshop. Your team will get expert guidance every step of the way and they will help navigate strategic conversations between you and your team. Gaining leadership alignment can be exhausting and frustrating, but through this assessment, participants will leave with actionable next steps.

The Strategy Assessment, when combined with a clear understanding of your leadership style and business strategy, can ultimately improve the overall ability to achieve your company’s strategic goals. It will provide you with insights into how to put the right senior leaders in the right place in order to properly execute the business strategy. The first step to developing this strategy is having tough conversations for strategy alignment. Don’t leave your company’s success to chance.

Are you interested in learning more about the Strategy Assessment and W Talent Solutions’s Talent Optimization division? Learn more at our Talent Optimization page or reach out to speak directly with a Talent Advisor.

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