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How Your Organization Can Be Proactive in Light of Recent National Layoffs

Here’s How to Respond as an Organization to Recent Layoffs

by Tasia Allison

As many organizations continue to grow, others still find themselves in layoff mode as we’ve seen with the massive layoffs hitting several large organizations across the country in recent weeks. With these layoffs comes a flood of high-quality talent in the job market. Even if you’re a local organization, now is the time to take this opportunity to achieve your strategic goals. Here are a few ways you might be able to capitalize on these major layoffs.

1. Change your mindset.

Not all employees being laid-off are sub-par performers. Some of them are incredible; and since there’s a stigma already, you might be able to capture overlooked talent.

2. Explore short-term, remote workers, or project-based employees.

Twitter, Meta and Amazon just laid off thousands of workers, so there’s no better time to explore the gig economy for your organization. The local job market is now saturated with top talent that will likely take six to twelve months to land their next full-time role. That means you can hire some of the best talent in the country to knock out that six-month project that’s already taken two years.

3. Have exploratory conversations.

It’s time-consuming, but the “overqualified,” just might be your blessing in disguise. Many people take a layoff as an opportunity to reassess priorities and explore what they want different in their next role.

For more ways to expand your talent pool, reach out to talk to one of our talent advisors!

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