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The Future of Work – Vitality

What Is Right for Your People?

by Asad Khaja

As we talked about in our recent article about reinvention for companies and work moving forward, the last two years drastically flipped the business world on its head. We’ve seen all the stories of how companies are having to adapt, or about all of the employees that are leaving their organization. But the good news is that it’s really not all doom and gloom for organizations, even though some of us may think that at times!

The last two years have been crazy for many of us. Even for me — I found myself switching jobs in the middle of a pandemic so I could have a better work/life balance, and feel value in the work I do! As we’ve been working on this Future Of Work series, I’m looking at these topics and realizing why many of them hit home for me as well. This was why talking about Vitality was so important to me, as Korn Ferry says in their Future of Work Trends 2022,  “Do well better.” Their point is: Do what’s right for your people and your organization.

According to that article from Korn Ferry, there are six ways that organizations can focus on to support their employees in 2022:

1. Career and Purpose: Do you have a job that you enjoy or love?

This might be the most important item on the list, we all know that we spend a majority of our time in the workplace, it also allows us the freedom to do the things we enjoy the most. But this is about more than just having a job, do you have a company and career you love and are passionate about, and are there commitments to the employees to help develop your skill sets to grow your career with them? One of the things I was most excited about was knowing on day one what it was going to take for me to get to the next step in my journey of recruiting, on top of being able to make a difference for people we find a new job for every day!

2. Social: Do you have friendships or hobbies outside of the office?

Throughout the pandemic, we’ve seen the savviest businesses get creative in social opportunities for their employees, ranging from online channels for work banter to virtual charity events. Finding opportunities for employees to recharge socially will allow everyone to be happier and healthier and bring their best every day to work!

3. Financial: Are you able to take care of yourself and your family in the short and long term?

Financial success can come about in many different ways from an organization, are they offering an employee stock option plan (ESOP), are they offering opportunities to invest in a 401k? Many companies will even offer opportunities for financial wealth managers to speak to new employees about their 401k options and how to invest!

4. Physical: Do you have the energy for everything you want to do every year?

In a time when we see more people suffering from burnout, it’s vital to our health that we are taking care of ourselves physically. More and more, we’re seeing companies realizing this and starting to offer wellbeing consultants or upgrading the food offerings in the cafeteria to healthier options.

5. Community: Do you feel like you’re connected to a community to support you?

People love giving back to their community, or to those who are less fortunate. It’s one of the key reasons I joined the H4H team — because we focus on our community and those less fortunate. If this is something that is important to you, is your company providing opportunities for time off to volunteer, or do they have team volunteer days?

6. Mental and Emotional: How are you able to deal with stress or setbacks in life?

The time spent at home for many over the last two years has shown them how important our mental and emotional wellbeing is. People are focusing more on having a support system in place to help them deal with issues. Additionally, according to Korn Ferry, people are looking for empathy from their leaders, or development programs to help strengthen the emotional intelligence of their leaders.

It’s about finding a way to make sure that your employees are approaching life with energy and excitement! Vitality is one of the key strengths associated with our happiness and well-being.

Do you need help reinventing your organization? The W Talent Solutions team would love to discuss how our talent optimization services can help continue to grow your business!

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