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The Year Ahead: 2022 Talent Predictions

What is taking the talent world by storm in 2022?

by Ashley Ward

If there is one thing that everyone is trying to figure out right now, it’s what the talent trends of 2022 are going to be. In 2021, we saw virtual hiring, more internal hiring, recruiters being put to the test, and many other trends that we all had to adjust to. This year, according to this article from Hunt Scanlon Media, there are 10 trends that are going to take the world of talent by storm. Here’s what you should keep watch for.

1. Digital disruption will solve supply chain issues at scale.  

Everyone knows that their supply chain is a mess right now. Your business may have been affected by this, like many other businesses around the world. You may have noticed in your personal life that packages you order from online seemed to take longer than usual to arrive to your doorstep. How do we fix this? Go digital. The fastest service that can happen is over the Internet.

2. Digital finance will fundamentally transform how organizations are run.

When was the last time you wrote a physical check? Unfortunately, the days of physical checks and physical financing are coming to a close. Digital financing capabilities have improved miles in the past few years. Digital financing can make your back of house functions incredibly faster than they have ever been.

3. Verticalization will continue to change the consulting ecosystem.

The verticalization of many companies has helped many clients with their demand for a one-stop shop solution. Offering a wide range of services will help attract and retain more clients.

4. Digitalization will continue to challenge and change firm economics.

There are many ways that going digital can be advantageous to your company. Taking full advantage of the capabilities of artificial intelligence might just be exactly what your company needs to excel in “the new normal.” what aspects of your business are employees handling right now that could be more efficient and effective if done with AI?

5. Inflationary hiring is here to stay…at least for the foreseeable future…temporarily.

We are no strangers to the compensation that candidates are asking for in today’s job market. Compensation benchmarking is being done in a way that we are not used to. How do you decide what your price is for the perfect talent? How do you use the talent you have to the best of your and their abilities? Check out this blog on compensation benchmarking written by our managing director for more information. W Talent Solutions also has a passion for Talent Optimization, feel free to contact us with any questions relating to that.

6. Performance acceleration will emerge as a pivotal weapon in the war for talent.

Are your employees using their talents to the best of their abilities? Are there passions that your employees have that could benefit your company? How can you reorganize your business to use the people that you already have in the best way possible? This is what Talent Optimization is, and we have a passion for it. Contact us on how you can optimize your talent.

7. Organizations will look to nontraditional hiring to fill the talent gap.   

Sometimes, when you are looking for the perfect candidate, you have to use creative methods to find them. W Talent Solutions has many tricks up our sleeve to find the Unicorn that you’ve been searching for. Check out this event for some of our tips.

8. D&I efforts will shift focus from hiring to acceleration. 

Diversity and inclusion efforts have been making bounds in the past few years for every company. Everyone knows that having more diversity within your company opens doors and offers insights that were unimaginable before. Having programs at your company for personal and professional development can be the key to success.

9. Technology, travel, and tourism will emerge as industry hot spots. 

After being inside for two years, I think we could all use a vacation. I believe that this is a common thought among the workforce of America. Who wouldn’t want a vacation right now? This is exactly why travel and tourism are emerging industries. Technology has always been a driving force and there is no indication of a slowdown. With new work-from-home policies and digital ways of communication and functions of business, technology is here to stay.

10. Social purpose will become a requirement for attracting new talent.  

At W Talent Solutions, we donate 10% of our profits to the YWCA of West Michigan to domestic violence survivors. This is part of our mission. As Gen Z enters the workforce, it is clear that they desire a company that they feel proud to work for. How do you do this? Have a social purpose. This could be with sustainability, human rights, diversity and inclusion, or anything that truly makes a difference in the world.

Do you need support in adjusting your organization to the trends affecting talent in 2022? We’d love to help! Reach out to us!

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