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The Future of Work – Sustainability

A Craving for Change

by Asad Khaja

In our fourth installment of The Future of Work, we’re going to take a look at sustainability — what it means and how it can impact your business. From a sustainability perspective, businesses are having to adapt because the next generation of workers and consumers bring a craving for change and accountability and the feeling of making a difference for their peers, communities and their company. Sustainability is typically viewed from three main pillars: environmental, economic and societal.

Going back even to as far as 2019, there was a study done by Accenture that showed that 94% of CEOs feel a personal responsibility for laying out their company’s core purpose and role in society. That same survey found that only 48% of CEOs are implementing sustainability into their operations. While these numbers have increased over the years, there’s still a massive opportunity for company leaders to set themselves apart with upcoming talent!

If it’s time for your organization to put more of a people-focused approach to sustainability, then read on for the five things that the Future of Work Trends 2022 by Korn Ferry says that your company can do to help focus on contributing to a sustainable future in 2022 and beyond:

The Purpose

The purpose is all about figuring out what you want your organization and people to be organized around. You also want to know why you’re doing this, who you’re trying to impress and impact, and how you plan on measuring your success. This step may very well include having to rethink the mission of your organization as well.

The Governance

Change always starts at the top, whether it’s ownership or the board, and they are going to have to play a key role in overseeing this new project. This step may include having to figure out how you’ll oversee, the support, and engagement, among other areas.

The Leadership and Talent

This step is going to be all about making sure you have the leaders in place to help perform your transformation. If you feel you’re in a situation where you don’t have the leadership or talent in place to champion these changes, you might have to ask, “What are we looking for, and how do we find those people?”

The Operating Model

Your operating model needs to be all about how you’re going to deliver on your strategy. This might even involve having to change your operating model at times to fit your goals. Your end goal as a leader should be about making sure you can effectively enable your employees to do their best work and giving them the tools to succeed.

The Culture and Mindset

The final piece is about evaluating the internal culture and the team that you have. This might involve having to move individuals around to different roles or adding members that match your new direction. Even more importantly though, this is about giving people a say and asking for their input during the planning.

Sustainability is about finding ways to not only give back to your community but also to set yourself apart and attract a new client base. This journey will help attract top new talent who want to help make a difference both internally and externally from their company.

Are you and your team interested in finding ways to reinvest your organization or finding ways to invest in the talent to help your company on this journey? The W Talent Solutions team would love to discuss how our talent optimization or recruiting services can help continue to grow your business!

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