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What Makes Your Organization Unique?

5 “Uniques” That Set W Talent Solutions Apart

by Ashley Ward

At W Talent Solutions, we follow a business model called the Entrepreneurial Operating System, or EOS for short, which is from the book “Traction” by Gino Wickman. Within the business model, each year I execute a Vision Traction Organizer which benchmarks our goals and value propositions. Today I’m going to focus on one of the sections from the Vision Traction Organizer, which is something called  your “Uniques.” 

Do you know what your Uniques are? Do you know what your value proposition is? How about what makes someone drawn to your brand? 

The Uniques apply when you are selling your services or products, but they also can be used to attract candidates to your brand. 

Here at W Talent Solutions we have 5 “Uniques” which is what helps set us apart from our competition. 

The first is People > Profit. We value our clients as people, getting to know them on a deeper level and creating those long-term relationships to really get to know them and their Uniques. 

We also value our candidates. They are not just a number to us, but we care deeply about getting the right person in the right seat to set them up for success and changing their lives through career advancement. 

Our second Unique is Quality > Quantity. Every single one of our clients I hope would attest that we have a unique process when it comes to finding high-quality candidates. We call it evidence-based selection where we assess candidates from a 360-degree viewpoint. They are not just a resume, but have behavioral and cultural traits that need to align with the companies we place them at. 

Our third Unique is our Local Impact. As a mission-driven organization, we value giving back to people who need it most. We support women in the West MI community who are experiencing domestic violence and give ten percent of our profit to support their healing journey. 

Fourth, we are Amazon Prime Fast. I get a lot of laughs on this one, but we pride ourselves in our proven process that works. Our typical recruiting search takes six to eight weeks, and we guarantee candidates for most searches within one week from conception. 

The final Unique is Disney Friendly. Customer service is everything in the professional services world, and we do believe that the client is always right. A particular behavioral trait that I’ve found works really well in the recruiter seat over the years is someone extraverted, bubbly and likes to make an influence. We use a behavioral assessment tool to weigh whether or not someone possesses those characteristics, and can provide Disney-friendly service to our clients when we hire recruiters here at H4H. 

So now I ask you, what are your uniques? Both professional or personal. We all should have them, know them, and live them out daily. 

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