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The Future of Work – Scarcity

How to Solve Shortages From the Inside Out

by Ashley Ward

In the second installment of this article from Korn Ferry, the future of work is talked about in way of scarcity. We’ve all seen the news, there are millions of open jobs in the United States. There is a complete list of reasons as to why this is, such as the “Great Resignation,” the massive economic expansions that have happened, the effects of Covid-19, and the constantly adjusting workforce. Another reason is that there are many situations where the right talent is in the wrong seat. It’s not just people in short supply, it’s materials as well. I’m sure you’ve noticed your favorite products missing from the grocery store or how much longer it takes to get your car fixed. 

One of our recommended ways to keep talent is through a human approach. Sit down are talk with employees to make sure they are feeling fulfilled by their job. Make sure that they are getting the training and development, assistance, benefits, and compensation that they need and deserve. Korn Ferry goes into a few different points on how to manage the scarcity that is the future of work. 

New Methods For Incentivizing Candidates to Join – And Employees to Stay

There are many things that you can do for your employees and candidates to keep with your organization. This list includes things like increased compensation, more incentives, better benefits, sign-on bonuses, and general perks that the employee would get for working for your company.

Candidate Experience is Everything

If your candidate already feels like you don’t care about them during the interview process, why would you care about them if they became an employee? Having great initial interactions with candidates might be the competitive edge you need to get the talent you desire.

Solving the Shortage From the Inside Out

If you do not have the number of people that you thought you needed, look at the people you already have. How can each of these individuals hone their skills? How can their jobs grow into spots that need to be filled? This is something that is very important at W Talent Solutions. If you would like to learn more about talent optimization, feel free to reach out!

Exploring all the Possibilities of Flexible Working

Working no longer looks like a cubical in a dreary office. Offering many different spaces to work in could help attract the talent you are looking for. This could mean you offer remote positions, have a hybrid schedule, or even have different places in your office for employees to work. We have many different options to collaborate or just get out of an individual office in our space. 

Inclusion is the Name of the Game

One of the worst practices you can have is setting an idea of who the person filling the role is going to be before you even get to interviewing candidates. There is talent all around, from many different tracks of life. Keep your search pool as wide as you can, and I guarantee that you will find the perfect person!

Enhanced Action on ESG

The desires of the workforce are changing – employees are attracted to companies who care; care about sustainability, having a strong brand, a company culture that is a fit for them, and feeling valued. What are you offering to your employees in this section? It might be time to relook at the value you are offering your employees.

We are passionate about Talent Optimization. If you would like more information on how to handle the talent you have, reach out to us!

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